i’m so sorry for so many words sometimes i just think about all the people who have not been blessed with this amazing show

For everybody who’s really confused on all the gravity falls spam. This is pretty much the show.

My blog has literally turned gravity falls over night…
This explains it pretty well


Cover for Steven Universe #5 from boomstudios!  Decided to include the original sketch too~

This one actually has a bit of a story to it.  The inspiration for the composition was taken from my family’s post-graduation day trip to Block Island, a cute little beachy place on the east coast not unlike Beach City in some ways.

At one point we all took a nap on a beach strewn with large rocks.  Pearl and Amethyst’s poses were taken from my mom and myself respectively.  Pearl’s hat was inspired by one that I saw in one of the shops that I thought would suit her.

Just wanted to give a little trivia since this cover has a little more personal touch added in!


Yayy~all these beautiful, attractive people are popping out of nowhere and following me~eeek~I love you allll~my precious babies, lovelies, and gravity geeks~♥

Well I followed you because you liked my post about me wanting to follow more people lol. And also you have original Gravity Falls things that none of the other Gravity Falls blog I follow post. So you seem pretty nifty ;) I’m definitely worth a mutual follow-ship (is that a word? Well it is now)


Mabel fan art - 2 Cute 2 Quit!



Okay, so I drew art for that AU you made where Dipper and Mabel are demons. I think this is how you said they looked?? I’m not entirely sure, but here you go!

Oohh my gossshhh so adorableeeee o3o *Pats your face and hugs you*

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!


"This girl's got a date! Whoo, whoo!"


The exact moment I realized that this is a brilliant show.




This is my favorite motherfucking thing about getting closer to Halloween every FUCKING YEAR

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